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Success stories

Name: Annaliza Arriola
Country of Origin: - Philippines

Past Employment:
Legal secretary at a commercial bank London Region Employer and Position:
Trudell Medical International, Administrator

Name: Joseph Arriola
Country of Origin: - Philippines

Past Employment/Education:
Quality engineer, Engineering degree
London Region Employer and Position:
Trudell Medical International, Quality Technologist

In their early 20s with a young baby, Annaliza and Joseph Arriola came to Canada in 2001, eager to begin a new life.

Both were surprised to hear employers tell them again and again that they needed Canadian experience to get a job. They persisted and today, both work full-time at Trudell Medical International. Joseph is a quality technologist and Annaliza works as an administrator, preparing reports for companies and suppliers and doing computer work and reception relief duties.

Both say that identifying, promoting and using their transferable skills were important, and they say that being able to perform well in a job interview is critical.

“I think some employers can mistake people who are quiet for people who are not smart,” observes Annaliza. “It is important to speak up and be confident.”

Joseph agrees, “If you don’t make a strong impression in an interview, finding a job will be difficult.”

Both say it may help newcomers to know that many others have passed through hard times while searching for employment, but that success may be behind the next door.

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