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Success stories

Name: Syed Haider
Country of Origin: - Pakistan

Past Employment/Education:
Commerce degree,
Building Store Owner
London Region Employer:
Checker Limousine

Name: Dafalla Yousif
Country of Origin: - Sudan

Past Employment/Education:
Researcher, Many degrees
London Region Employer:
Checker Limousine

Name: Yahya Almoufadhal
Country of Origin: - Iraq

Past Employment:
London Region Employer:
Checker Limousine

Sometimes what begins as what newcomers refer to as a ‘survival job’, turns into an excellent opportunity.

Such is the case at Voyageur Transportation’s Checker Limousine division, where some newcomers started by accepting what they thought would be a temporary driving job, only to find a well paying career as an independent broker. At Checker, brokers can own and manage more than one car and can make the contract a successful entrepreneurship.

Syed Haider, from Pakistan, has a Commerce degree and owned a building material store. When he came to Canada, his English skills and global knowledge of building products were not enough to get him the job he desired. A friend encouraged him to seek his cab license and he began driving for Checker five years ago. Today, Syed is a broker with five cars and eleven drivers working for him!

“My priority was my children’s education, and I am happy with the way things have turned out. One son has graduated from Western, another is in second year and a third is still in high school.”

Dafalla Yousif came to Canada with an engineering degree in his home country of Sudan, a diploma from Italy, a Master’s degree from Holland, and a PhD from England. He too came to provide a better life for his children. Dafalla had a placement and some contract work as a research scientist with a London company, while driving part time for Checker. As his Checker work increased and he acquired another two cars, Dafalla came to enjoy the business opportunity and the chance to control his own destiny.

Yahya Almoufadhal had just started to practice law in his native Iraq when the Gulf War drove him to Saudi Arabia as a refugee. He landed in Vancouver but was lured to London by a friend. Here he spent some time in a “survival job”, then studied at Western before joining Checker, where he recently became a broker. Yahya is not sure how long he will stay in Canada, but enjoys his work for Checker.

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