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Name: Anil Arora
Country of Origin: India

Past Employment:
Manager in Information Technology
London Region Employer and Position:
TD Canada Trust – Sales Specialist – 2006 Annual Top Performer

Anil Arora and his family came to Canada in November 2004 from India. Anil knew that he would face challenges in adjusting to the Canadian work culture, so says he came mentally prepared to do what it would take to be successful. His goal – to work in a bank or insurance company.

Formerly a manager in information technology, Anil had also managed two gas stations in India. He used that experience to obtain a part-time position at a full-serve London gas bar. His customer skills soon won him a full-time job and the shift of choice. He enjoyed talking to his customers and soon adapted to the Canadian culture. Anil got his first opportunity in a technical support call centre serving U.S. customers and was recognized for his contributions. He was soon offered a position at TD Canada Trust, where he is now a respected employee. In early 2007, Anil was recognized nationally with a Vision in Action Award, as one of two top performers in the e.Bank division of TD Canada Trust!

“I believe that every job is honourable and it is up to you to exhibit your will and skill to get noticed. I used every opportunity to show employers my dedication to work while also learning the Canadian culture and moving closer to my goal. Newcomers must mentally prepare themselves to accept work that allows them to gain Canadian experience, while showing employers their skills. This is a sure-shot recipe for success.”

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