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Name: Domenico Santoro
Country of Origin: Italy

PhD in Environmental Engineering
London Region Employer and Position:
Trojan Technologies, Specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Domenico Santoro, a native of Italy, is a highly skilled professional, brought to the London region by a company that needs his expertise. He works for Trojan Technologies, a world leader in the development of ultraviolet water treatment solutions.

Even though Domenico has had lots of help from his employer in getting settled, he says that adjusting to a new life has been a challenge.

“One of the hardest things for me was trying to balance all the work it takes to get settled – getting a driver’s license, a car, utilities, health insurance, preparing to pay Canadian taxes, while also being in the first days of a job where I am trying very hard to prove myself to my new employer. I think it takes two years just to get settled, and adjust, but living here is definitely easier.”

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