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Name: Li Chang Chen
Country of Origin: China

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
London Region Employer and Position:
Trojan Technologies – Creates technology documents and drawings using AutoCAD, Solidworks and Adobe InDesign

Trojan Technologies is a world leader in the development of ultraviolet water treatment solutions. Before a friend told her about a contract position with Trojan, Li Chang Chen had sent out “piles of resumes”. She believes that language skills have been her biggest challenge, and she continues to work at that daily. Li Chang’s friends and others have cautioned her that it can take years to catch up to her previous career level, but she believes that with hard work and some trust from Canadian employers, she will find great success and happiness in Canada. At Trojan Technologies, she says she has found an excellent employer who is putting her skills to work, while allowing her to become more familiar with the Canadian work culture.

“I have found that communication skills are most important. Even if you are shy, it is important that you work to make friends and encourage yourself to talk to people. It will help you improve your language skills and increase employment opportunities.”

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