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Name: Rosario Ortega
Country of Origin: - Colombia

Past Employment:
Business Administration and Accounting for Utilities Company
London Region Employer:

Rosario and her husband love living in Canada, despite the difficulties they faced in finding employment.

Rosario and her husband sent out hundreds of resumes and had dozens of interviews over two years before finding jobs. Rosario is delighted with the administration job she has today at London’s Gamma-Dynacare while her husband’s Spanish language skills are being put to use as he travels on behalf of another regional company.

Rosario offers, “My advice would be to take your time to get your English and language skills as strong as you can. I was lucky to find a job where my employer has given me a chance to try new things. My coworkers help too. If I don’t understand or don’t use the right word, they help.”

“If someone closes a door to you, someone else will open another for you,” says Rosario. “You only need one door to get you started. If you are given that opportunity, you have a future here.”

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