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Name: Naved Altaf
Country of Origin: - Pakistan

Past Employment/Education:
Sui Southern Gas Company/ Masters in Information Technology
London Region Employer & Position:
LHSC Support Analyst in Quality & Performance Department

Naved Altaf was attracted to London because he was told it is a quiet community, very family oriented and a good place to raise children. He came to visit a brother in 2003 and returned to live here in the spring of 2006.

With 15 years of IT experience, Naved expected it would be easy to get a job. After three months of full-time job searching, unsolicited calls and sending resumes to every IT organization in the area, Naved found a job working as a support analyst at London Health Sciences Centre. He found the job through a posting on Workopolis.com, an employment search and career planning website. The hospital checked his references in Pakistan and offered him a job on contract.

Naved cautions newcomers that although their education and skills may help you to win entrance to Canada, those skills and education do not always help you get a job.

“Prepare yourself to follow a path,” says Naved. “Build a strong, targeted resume and search for the proper audience for your resume. Because most employers want Canadian work experience, you should keep yourself ready for any job the first time – then you can move along from there.”

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