LEDC (London, Ontario, Canada)

What advice do employers have for newcomers?

“It is important for newcomers to get some advice from an employment counsellor. They can recommend employment preparation programs, help with resumes and more. That means when a newcomer applies here for a job, they are prepared.”

“Try to get some Canadian job experience as quickly as you can - even if it is not in your field. It will show employers your abilities and the kind of person you are.”

“Language skills are very important. Our workers need to be able to be understood by our customers.”

“In our plant, we do not worry too much about language skills. We look for people who get along well with others, are able to focus and produce good work, and who are reliable.”

“One man who was a newcomer offered to work for free for a month. That kind of attitude is rare, but it shows he really wanted the job. We hired him with pay for a trial period and he does great work, so he is staying!”

“Attitude is everything. We look for employees who come ready to work, show enthusiasm and aren’t afraid to ask questions if there is something they don’t know.”

“It can be hard when you are new on the job, but showing initiative is very important. If you see something that needs doing, just do it!”

“Help make our company a better place to work.”

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