LEDC (London, Ontario, Canada)

Where can newcomers go for more help?

Employment Services for Newcomers

WIL Employment Connections
141 Dundas Street, 4th Floor, London
(The Skill Centre – Enter off Market Lane only)

WIL is the only London area organization that focuses only on employment services for immigrants. WIL has helped newcomers find employment for over 20 years. They offer employment counselling, job placements, assessment services, employment preparation workshops and training. WIL also provides job search workshops and other employment support services at the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre.

Settlement Agencies

Settlement agencies are designed to help newcomers adjust to their new life and learn about services to help them. The following two settlement organizations also provide important employment services.

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC)
505 Dundas Street, London
Provides assistance to newcomers and minority groups in the London area including one-on-one settlement support, temporary accommodation, LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) English language assessment and referral, a host program that matches newcomers with Canadian friends, and translation services.

LUSO Community Services
1193 Oxford Street East, Unit 2

Provides settlement services, document translation and employment programs for newcomers including career exploration and mapping, an introduction to the Canadian workplace culture and job search skills.

Put a World of Experience to Work for You
Over 80 internationally trained workers are ready to work in London businesses.

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WIL Employment Connections