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Skills International


This innovative website connects employers with internationally trained and educated professionals.

At Skills International, employers will find the resumes and credentials of hundreds of pre-screened and qualified applicants.

To be profiled on the Skills International website, you must work with an employment preparation agency that specializes in services for immigrant jobseekers. Skills International only profiles workers who have been prescreened and prequalified as ready-to-work, job candidates.

Visit the Skills International website at www.skillsinternational.ca to learn more and complete an agency referral form to get started.

Once you have satisfied the conditions of being ready for work, the agency can publish your profile on the Skills International website and provide you with the information you need to sign in on the website.

Newcomers who have already completed or are enrolled in an Employment Preparation Program for Newcomers may also be registered.

Put a World of Experience to Work for You
Over 80 internationally trained workers are ready to work in London businesses.

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