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Networking to increase opportunities


One very good way to find a job is through networking – building relationships with people who can help you find a job.

Many jobs in the London region are not advertised. They are part of what is called the “hidden job market”. News of these jobs is communicated just by people talking to each other about suitable candidates. That is why it is important to network – to meet and interact with as many people as you can. As you increase the number of people you know, you increase the chance of hearing about jobs that may not be advertised.

The people you meet may also offer advice or assistance in finding a job.

You can network by meeting and talking to teachers, counsellors, neighbours, people in your place of worship or at the school or sports centre where your children go. You can network at social occasions such as parties or weddings, or you can network by joining business organizations or community clubs.

How to Network

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