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Should credentials be evaluated and translated?


Having your education documents and other credentials assessed may be necessary to get a job, to continue your education or to gain professional or trade certification in Ontario and Canada. An employment counsellor can help you to understand what type of evaluation is required.

Employers are sometimes hesitant to hire newcomers because they do not know how international education and experience compares to experience and education in Canada. They may also need confirmation that a degree or job history is genuine.

The more you do to help potential employers understand the value of your credentials, the better your chance of getting a job. You can do this by having your academic record reviewed and accredited in Canada. This will help employers understand the value of your past education and training.

There are a number of organizations that will evaluate your academic records, but World Education Services (WES), is currently the only evaluation organization contracted by the Government of Ontario to provide this service.

Keep in mind, your documents must be provided in English, or in some cases French, so you may need to have them translated before they are evaluated.

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