LEDC (London, Ontario, Canada)



211 provides confidential, multilingual information about community, social, health and government services. www.211Toronto.ca

Centre de ressources en emploi de l’ACFO – www.acfo-ls.org

Centre for Lifelong Learning – www.cfll.on.ca

Collège Boréal – www.borealc.on.ca

Employment Ontario, part of the Ontario government’s Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities –www.ontario.ca/employmentontario

Employment Services Elgin – www.jobselgin.ca

Fanshawe College – www.fanshawec.ca

GAIN (Government Access Information Network) Centre – www.gaincentre.on.ca

Goodwill’s Career Centre – www.goodwillindustries.ca

Government of Ontario website for internationally trained professionals atv – www.citizenship.gov.on.ca.

InterPME is an interactive website designed for French-speaking entrepreneurs. Vous y trouverez un programme de mentorat en ligne des plus innovateurs. – www.interpme.ca

Language Benchmark Assessment (LBA) – www.language.ca/

LINC – www.cic.gc.ca

Links to Work – www.links2work.on.ca

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre – www.lcclc.org/

London Public Library – www.londonpubliclibrary.ca

London Unemployment Help Centre (LUHC) – www.luhc.org

LUSO Community Services – www.lusocentre.org

Networking Today – www.networkingtoday.on.ca

Pathways Skill Development & Placement Centre – www.pathways.on.ca

Pillar Nonprofit Network – www.pillarv.com

Professional and Trade Associations – www.211ontario.ca/apt/index.htm

Service Canada (a Canadian government department) website at www.servicecanada.gc.ca allows you to search any Canadian labour market to find information on jobs, wages, training and more.

Skills International – www.skillsinternational.ca

The University of Western Ontario – www.uwo.ca

VOIE rapide Boréal is a website to take new French-speaking immigrants to employment. VOIE rapide Boréal est un site Web qui achemine les immigrants et immigrantes francophones vers l’emploi. Le site offre d’excellents outils qui vous permettront de dénicher un emploi convenable dans la région de London. www.voierapideboreal.ca

Welcome to Ontario – www.settlement.org

Welcome to London – www.welcome.london.ca

This has many links to services, programs and resources for newcomers.

WIL Employment Connections – www.wil.ca

World Education Services (WES) – www.wes.org/ca/

Youth Opportunities Unlimited – www.you.ca

Put a World of Experience to Work for You
Over 80 internationally trained workers are ready to work in London businesses.

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WIL Employment Connections