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Turning a job into a business

Voyageur Transportation – Checker Limousine

It is a classic taxi experience – learning that the person driving you to your doctor’s appointment is actually a physician – or an engineer, or holds a PhD in philosophy! It is not a myth. Many newcomers who were respected professionals in their country of origin are accepting these jobs in Canada – and some have even turned them into a successful venture!

Such is the case at Voyageur Transportation’s Checker Limousine division, where management estimates that about 65% of their brokers and drivers (both are independent contractors) are immigrants. Brokers can own and manage more than one car and can establish a successful business doing so.

At Checker, an up-scale taxi alternative, drivers wear uniforms, drive luxury sedans and are expected to provide a higher level of service – not difficult if you are a former lawyer, engineer or business owner.

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