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Domenico Santoro, Specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Marvin DeVries, President of Trojan Technologies

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Trojan Technologies

Trojan Technologies is a world leader in the development of ultraviolet water treatment solutions. To remain leading edge Trojan needs the brightest and best in very specialized fields – people like Domenico Santoro.

Domenico, who hails from Italy, is a world-class expert in computational fluid dynamics. He was recruited by Trojan and the company supported his application to come to Canada as a skilled worker.

Trojan recruits locally, across Canada and from around the world.

“What we care about is finding people with great skills”, says Kathy Davis, Vice President of Corporate Services.

Trojan has welcomed over a dozen internationally trained individuals through a WIL Employment Connections voluntary work experience placement program, and many have become full-time associates.

Increasingly, Trojan is recruiting from London’s immigrant population, and even, as in the case of Domenico, bringing in skilled international talent from around the world.

Language issues can sometimes be an issue. Many highly skilled newcomers understand English very well, but may have difficulty articulating their thoughts.

“These are issues we work through,” says Davis, “and the company encourages and supports language training.”

Trojan uses a legal firm to assist with the paperwork involved in recruiting a foreign worker, and makes use of a “welcome plan” of benefits offered by their insurance carrier specifically for international recruits. But even with lots of supports in getting settled, it is still a big period of adjustment for an employee such as Domenico.

“One of the hardest things for me was trying to balance all the work it takes to get settled – getting a driver’s license, a car, utilities, health insurance, preparing to pay Canadian taxes, while also being in the first days of a job where I am trying very hard to prove myself to my new employer.”

For Trojan, with business ventures around the world, international workers have proven tremendously helpful.

“Doing business in China, for instance, is very different than in Canada,” says Davis. “Our associates of Chinese background have been very helpful at making us aware of what we need to know about the culture to succeed in that business environment.”

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