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Peter Cuddy, Director and Almas Goher, Production Worker at Touché Bakery

A common purpose: success!
Touché Bakery

Touché Bakery Director, Peter Cuddy, can tell you a story about each one of Touché’s 15 employees. He’s proud of the men and women who work for them, and grateful for the hard work they do to make Touché run smoothly. Touché products, including high quality biscotti, meringues and cookies are sold in some of the best bakeries and specialty stores in Ontario and as far away as the southern United States.

Since Touché was brought to London in 2004 by Peter and his partner Allan Swartz, the company has hired workers recruited through the Job Connect program at the London Unemployment Help Centre, including newcomers. Job Connect is a provincially funded program designed to link willing employers with workers who wish to gain employment and experience.

Peter says, “We see a real sense of purpose. We believe that the commitment of our employees comes from feeling comfortable, feeling like they are part of a family working toward a common purpose. Some of the people here have faced great struggles in their lives, are from impoverished backgrounds or have had a life consumed by violence or conflict.”

“The individuals who work here, work very hard,” he says. “We give staff a lot of latitude here, and they respect it. There’s tremendous respect among all of us, for our differences, and for what we have in common.”

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