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EK3 Chief Financial Officer, Paula Kaye, and Joseph Eze, Quality Assurance Manager

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Borrowing a slogan from a large grocery chain, an EK3 manager jokes, “We search the world for the best.”

EK3 is making its mark nationally and around the world, creating and selling the technology that allows digital merchandising, also known as narrowcasting. The innovative technology is most visible these days on overhead screens at Tim Hortons that entice you with video of irresistible temptations.

EK3 employees (about 45 of them) are from around the world – Nigeria, Saudia Arabia, Russia, China, Israel and others – although many of the international workers have actually come to EK3 through The University of Western Ontario. A partnership with UWO has created an EK3 Innovation Lab at the Thompson Engineering Building at Western.

With its roots in engineering, and research and development, EK3 requires highly skilled workers with expertise in very specific areas. Along with some home-grown talent, many of those professionals are global talent.

“I don’t think it’s overstating it to say the diversity here makes us richer,” says EK3 Chief Financial Officer, Paula Kaye, who also manages the company’s Human Resources function. “Our culture is one of creativity and collaboration. People have to get along well and share ideas. That’s where innovation and growth come from.” “There’s also a sense of family here. Many of our workers have young families. We celebrate new babies, birthdays and although we’re getting a bit big for it now, backyard barbeques are not unheard of.”

EK3 has not actually needed to recruit from out-of-country. Particularly with Western as a partner, there is a lot of international talent right here in the London region!

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