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McCormick Canada President and CEO, Keith Gibbons, and Milorad Bjelica, Receiving

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McCormick Canada

It is a time of growth at the London home of McCormick Canada. Finding workers to fuel the growth at the international company that produces spices and seasonings, can be a challenge, even if your company is a household name.

According to Human Relations Manager, Lynn Thibodeau, “The days of putting an ad in the paper, especially when you need 30 people fast, are behind us.”

Companies like McCormick are discovering they have to take a new approach to hiring, including holding job fairs where applicants are pre-screened and using temporary agencies to fill short-term gaps.

“Our workforce is more highly skilled than it once was. We have an increased need for mechanical abilities and computer skills. Our people are now part of a high performance team. Workers also need to be flexible, as projects and equipment can change with a product line.”

Internationally trained workers, such as Milorad Bjelica, are helping to keep the company competitive. Milorad, a former teacher and writer who came to Canada from Montenegro just a few years ago, is young, enthusiastic and grateful for the job. His wife Anica, a molecular biologist, continues studies at The University of Western Ontario and they have a baby on the way. Milorad came to McCormick Canada through a “temp” agency and started by working as a line service person. In mid 2006, he became a full-time employee and moved to the receiving department.

Milorad encourages employers to offer newcomers a chance to prove themselves with a trial working period.

Thibodeau agrees more employers should open their doors. “It’s clear that international workers have a lot to offer in changing times.”

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