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From Trudell Medical International
(left to right) – Joseph Arriola, Quality Technologist; Annaliza Arriola, Administrator; Mitchell Baran, CEO; George Ryan, Director of Operations

Truly International
Trudell Medical International

While the “International” in this highly successful London company’s name refers to the fact that Trudell Medical International (TMI) does business in over 90 countries, it could also refer to its workforce. Almost 50% of the manufacturing workers at Trudell are immigrants.

Kathy Estok, Director of Human Resources at TMI says, “We place great value on our workforce here, and our internationally trained workers are an integral part of that. Because they are also experiencing success here, they often refer friends and family members to work here as well.”

The company works hard to promote and capitalize on its diverse workforce:

Estok says, “The appreciation our workers have for the way they are treated comes back to us many times over in productivity.”

TMI doesn’t require excellent English skills for manufacturing roles but rather focuses on a worker’s personal communication style and commitment to quality on the job.

“Our workers need to be able to check each other’s work and point out problems. It’s important that they are willing to listen, to learn and to help each other.”

Having such a diverse workforce does offer challenges. For instance, on occasion employees can become uncomfortable when they don’t understand what is being said by a group of workers who speak another language.

Estok says the company encourages people to voice their concerns in ways that lead to a better understanding. She says open communication is key to creating a respectful, productive and enjoyable work atmosphere.

“We have monthly communication meetings to let our employees know how business is going, about significant orders, and to let them see the big picture. The things we do to create a good atmosphere for those of our workforce who are newcomers, helps create a stronger workplace for all employees.”

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