LEDC (London, Ontario, Canada)



Centre for Lifelong Learning – www.cfll.on.ca

Citizenship and Immigration Canada – www.cic.gc.ca

Fanshawe College – www.fanshawec.ca

Global Experience Ontario – This is a new one-stop access and resource centre for internationally trained professionals. Here, newcomers can seek guidance on requirements for professional qualifications, licensing and registration processes and training. For newcomers who choose not to pursue certification, they can also learn about alternative professions that will utilize their existing skills. www.ontarioimmigration.ca/ english/geo.asp

Hire Immigrants – The website www.hireimmigrants.ca offers some excellent strategies for employers who want to hire and integrate newcomers into their workforce

Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) – www.hrsdc.gc.ca

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre – www.lcclc.org

Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) offers good advice in their document, Take a Look at What’s Working: Internationally Trained Workers in Canada” at www.cme-mec.ca/shared/upload/on/reference_ piece.pdf

Ontario Ministry of Citizen and Immigration – www.citizenship.gov.on.ca

Skills International – www.skillsinternational.ca

Thames Valley District School Board – www.tvdsb.on.ca/ace

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks – www.language.ca

The University of Western Ontario – on-line multi-faith calendar – www.uwo.ca/equity/ docs/mfcalendar.htm

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) – www.hireimmigrants.ca

WIL Employment Connections – www.wil.ca

World Education Services (WES) – www.wes.org/ca/

The information in the Global Talent guides is designed as a starting point. There are many excellent sources with more detailed information and resources for employers who wish to diversify their workforce. Many of those resources are listed in this guide. Because Web links can become outdated, you may wish to visit the Global Talent website for updated lists of links.


Put a World of Experience to Work for You
Over 80 internationally trained workers are ready to work in London businesses.

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WIL Employment Connections