LEDC (London, Ontario, Canada)

Fulfilling Canada's promise


We make an unspoken promise to newcomers that Canada is a land of opportunity. Immigrants are allowed entry based on a point system that favours those with high levels of education and skills. Consequently, newcomers assume that the same qualities and experiences that allowed them to come here will be respected and in demand by employers. They believe that if they are educated, skilled and willing to work hard, they will quickly find meaningful employment.

The reality is that many newcomers do find career success here, but the path is often longer and more complicated than it needs to be. Many immigrants who are well educated, skilled, experienced, eager and prepared to work, remain unemployed or underemployed for far too long.

That’s what Global Talent is all about – meeting the workforce demands of employers, while fulfilling Canada’s promise to newcomers.

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Over 80 internationally trained workers are ready to work in London businesses.

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