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What is Skills International?


Skills International is an innovative new website that connects employers across Ontario with internationally educated and trained professionals. This tool allows registered employers to browse the resumes and credentials of hundreds of prescreened and qualified applicants. Employers can conduct detailed searches based on criteria such as skills, experience and education, and will be able to perform on-line interviews with individuals who are of interest to their companies.

Candidates who are listed on this site have already worked with a qualified employment advisor on employment preparation and are ready to work in Canada. All postings are performed by employment advisors and only employers may initiate communications.

Skills International is an excellent way for London region employers to quickly, from their own office, meet some of the best global talent available to them today and to get detailed information on a candidate’s background and browse through credentials.

You may register by visiting the Skills International website at www.skillsinternational.ca.

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Over 80 internationally trained workers are ready to work in London businesses.

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