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How does an organization keep its good workers?

Some employers worry that they may invest in hiring and training newcomers, only to have them leave for another job. In truth, that loss of talent is possible for all employees, and many of the same strategies that work for other employees, help with retention of global talent.

Training and Development

Does your company provide training and development opportunities to people at all levels? Are newcomers encouraged to take advantage of training opportunities? Are in-house training programs designed in a way to appeal to newcomers and allow them to be successful?

Company Leadership

Does company management respect the skills and efforts of all its employees?

Company Culture Is there a ‘feel’ to your company that makes it welcoming, not only to customers, but to those who work there? Is there a sense of teamwork that crosses departments and cultures?

Work-Life Balance

Is there an understanding that people with balanced lives often do the best work? Is there flexibility that allows people to meet family and other obligations without putting their job at risk?

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