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How important are language skills?


Communication skills are certainly a priority in hiring, whether your applicant is Canadian born or a recent immigrant. Many positions require an applicant to be able to communicate effectively, to speak English with some degree of fluency, and to read and write in the English language.

The good news is that many immigrants come to Canada with good language skills. English is taught as a second language in many countries and in Canada’s point-based immigration system for skilled workers, language skills count for almost one-quarter of the total assessment.

For newcomers who don’t arrive with strong English skills, language training is a priority. London offers many language programs for newcomers; some of them are free some are fee-for-service, and some may be delivered in the workplace.

Given the opportunity, most newcomers will work hard to make sure their English skills are where they need to be.

Keep in mind, an employer who hires skilled immigrants who are able to communicate effectively in more than one language, will have a business edge as local markets increase in diversity and international markets grow.

Language/communication barriers are worth overcoming. Here are some ideas to assist employers:

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