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Is international work experience enough?


Newcomers to Canada hear it all the time: “You must have Canadian work experience.”

Employers are sometimes uncomfortable hiring a newcomer who has not worked in a North American work environment. You may want to explore the question, “Why is it important that this person has Canadian experience?”

“To make sure they are able to fit into a Canadian workplace environment.”

If this is your reason, you may want to hire the individual on a short-term contract, or through a work placement or internship. That will give you a chance to see them at work and give the employee a chance to show you their capabilities. Keep in mind you need to give the newcomer a chance to settle in and get to know how things work.

“To determine how their international work experience relates to our requirements.”

You might see if there is a way to determine the standard of work they do. For instance, there may be a test or some questions you might ask to establish their level of knowledge. Keep in mind that newcomers don’t always know the Canadian version of occupational language, but that does not mean they are not highly skilled.

Although standards and practices vary greatly from country to country, by checking Web resources, you may be able to learn more about those standards through international certification bodies such as World Education Services.

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