LEDC (London, Ontario, Canada)

What are the challanges?


Newcomers to London are ready to work, but are employers ready to hire them? Some companies remain hesitant about hiring recent immigrants.

They may wish to benefit from advice offered by employers who have already started to diversify their workforce. Many are now specifically targeting newcomers as they recruit. Of course, not every employee works out, (whatever their country of origin) but employers report that newcomers are making their mark.

As a company begins to examine its reasons for not hiring newcomers in the past, it helps to realize that achieving cultural diversity doesn’t happen overnight. There may be hurdles to overcome, some apprehension and a process of learning. But experience shows that the benefits of hiring newcomers most certainly outweigh the challenges.

Many highly experienced and talented immigrants often express the sentiment, “If only employers would give me the chance to show what I can do.”

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