GlobalTalent (London, Ontario, Canada)

Global Talent

The words Global Talent refer both to the project that has produced these guides – one for employers and one for newcomers – and to the people who you will meet on the following pages. These newcomers are truly Global Talent – skilled, hard working and appreciative of the career opportunities that await them.

The Global Talent Project

The Global Talent Project was initiated by the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), with funding from Employment Ontario. The LEDC formed a Steering Committee with representatives from the Employment Sector Council London Middlesex, Human Resources Professionals of London & District, local employers, Fanshawe College, The University of Western Ontario, the City of London and others to deliver
the project.

Our thanks go to over 100 individuals in the London region, including employers, human resources specialists, employment counsellors and newcomers and immigrants who took part in interviews and focus groups, shared their stories and experiences and who reviewed this material prior to publication.

This project is funded by Employment Ontario.
Employment Ontario programs are funded in part by the Government of Canada.
Les programmes Emploi Ontario sont financés en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.


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